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Product Code:

Product Description: Solar Power Bag
1. Charge directly from sunlight:
It can charged the battery directly under the light source situation, fully charge (battery capacity: 750 mA, 3.6V-4.2V/ 700mAh for about 12 hours under the light source. There are two usage for the solar power bag, one is used as a bag, also used as a battery charger. This can make much more convenient in the livelihood with simple operation. It can also be solve the mobile phone battery charging problem under the emergency situation.

2. Internal Buffer Battery Charging
The internal buffer battery can be charged for the mobile phone battery under the no light source condition, it can be fully charged (750mA, 3.6V-4.2V/700mAh) for only about 2 hours.It can also be used for all kinds of siutation very convenient. Charging the internal battery again under the suitable siutation (e.g. sunlight situation)

Technical Parameter:
-Solar Power Battery:
Multi-Crystal 1W Maximum
Voltage: DC 5.5V-5.8V
Current: 150mA
-Internal Battery:
850 mAh Lithium Polymer High Efficient Recycle Battery
- External charging current: 350mA-600mA
- Input Voltage: 5V
- Input Charging Voltage: 5V
- Charging On/Off: Automatically
- Accessories: 3 pcs Mobile Phone Connector

Qty: 60 pcs/CTN
G.W.: 12.5 Kgs
N.W.: 9 Kgs
Meas.:50x34.5x29 cm
Product Size: 135 x 85 x 45 mm
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