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Product Code:

Product Description: Baby Feeding Clock

Product Introduction:
The purpose for developing this item is to let mother have a better condition to take care her baby.

1. It can keep alert mother to feed her baby in a fixed time and can be set by light instead of alarm when it worry the sound of alarm make baby awake.

2. It used as a weak light torch which can let mother to check the babyˇ¦s situation.

3. It also has a temperature and humidity alert function which can tell mother what is the best temperature and humidity for her baby.

Here is the features in details:
- Countdown timer: It can be set as time of feeding or take medicine. Besides, there are 8 groups of countdown timer enquiry.
- Design the alarm with turn on the light or Bi Bi sound or turn on the light and alarm for both cases.
- We have temperature and humidity function. There are three emoticons to tell you when is the best temperature and humidity. Make sure your wife, sons and daughter has the best room temperature livelihood.
- Some of the model has the LED torch function. Make sure under not turn on the light and not awake to the baby situation, check your baby and feeding to him.

- Normal Time Display
- Calendar ranged from year of 2000 to 2099
- Date of week adjust automatically
- 12/24 Hour Format Selection
- Alarm, Snooze Alert Function
- Temperature, Humidity detect function automatically (Detect for every 30 seconds)
- Temperature ranged from 20 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius
- Humidity ranged from 20% to 89%
- 8 Groups of Countdown function: The LED will be flashed with the alert sound when the count down timer arrives
- With the LED on/off function
- Battery: 2 x AAA

Qty: 60pcs/ctn
G.W.:10 Kgs
N.W.:9 Kgs
Meas.:53.5x31x32 cm
Product Size: 90 x 55 x 133 mm
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